As a friend or family member of one of the founders of Validide (Erica, Seth, or Gordon), we are personally inviting you to support our startup through a gift covering the cost of some need we have below, or pre-purchasing a membership in Validide, and/or even helping to seedfund the company's startup work in return for future equity.

This is your opportunity show your interest in supporting the Validide project and help people gain control of their personal information.


For our startup funding raising, beyond our Startup Baby Showers we are also applying to many incubators, pitch competitions, and conferences allowing us to present to early stage Angel Investors and Venture Capitalist. The latest is where in March we are presenting our three minute pitch plus questions to over 200 early stage investors. This video is a recording of the pitch we will present to them in what we are doing for people around the world, how we are doing it from a high level, and the opportunity they have to be an early investor when they meet with us Face 2 Face.

Listen to Dr. Dirk Brown, Faculty Director of the McNair Institute for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise and Dr. Tom Reichert, Dean College of Information and Communications at the Univ of South Carolina, with Erin Curtis of talk high impact technology, startups in South Carolina, entrepreneurship, and how the team at Validide came together through the work of the McNair Institute.

These leaders each have a mission to help ideas grow into businesses impacting Columbia, the State of South Carolina, and the United State as a nation. Validide is South Carolina's latest example to showcase.

The great news is we don't have to spend millions of dollars building the system!

We have adopted the Linux Foundation's Sovrin Network to leverage all the open source and highly secure applications they have developed.

All we have to do is build the Validide Wallet system you will learn about in this short video.



In this article we show the preliminary findings from our LinkedIn survey on Trusted Profiles where 68% of respondents would find value from others they interact with having a verified profile and 45% of respondents would pay some amount to have their profiles verified by a trusted third party. This survey has given the Validide team more insight into the validity (no pun intended) of providing a Safe Secure Identity as a Service to people, especially those on LinkedIn.

Here are our Startup Baby Shower Needs:

  • Business Incubator Memberships = $200 per month
  • HubSpot Customer Engagement Suite = $600 per year
  • Columbia HQ = $1,033 per month
  • Finalize Financial Model for Fundraise = $1,500
  • Legal Fees for Incorporating and SEC filings = $2,500
  • Office Furniture and Computers = $3,500
  • LinkedIn Premium Sales Account = $1,500 per year + $11.35 for every new paying customer
  • Branding, Marketing and Messaging = $3,500
  • Professional Website Design, Build & Maintain = $4,000
  • Road Show Costs (Baby Shower) to Raise Funds = $5,000
  • APIs to connect to Partners = $12,000
  • Finalize Validide App = $25,000
Please note, we are NOT paying ourselves until we raise the big money or we start generating revenue!

Please pick a Need from above and let us know your contact information. After you submit the information, you will be directed to the Validide PayPal for payment or you can use our BitPay Account to make your payment in Bitcoin. Either way, we appreciate your support of our Validide Startup.

For those Friends and Family who wish to invest in future equity of Validide, here is our Risk Awareness Disclosure

We have filed this contribution opportunity with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) so that we may be compliant with Federal laws of asking individuals to invest in Validide. The SEC requires we tell you  about the risks to investing in startups like Validide and ask you some questions about your investing.

Before we go any further, we do want to let you know that there are risks to supporting our company in these early days. Only two out of ten startups make it to the five year mark. For those that do not make it, the shareholders (which includes the founders and employees of Validide) are taking the biggest risk that we will not earn a return on our investment and may even lose it outright. There are many barriers to success we will have to overcome.

The good news is that we have a highly experienced executive team, professional hired guns (experts), a cohort of successful advisors, and a committed group of community members working hard to make Validide a reality. We also have a bench filled with high energy young entrepreneurs who endeavor to learn and grow in their first startup.

Additionally, we would like for you to receive all the information you need to learn about Validide to make a well informed decision. We believe you can best understand our business through the full length video Dr. Jones posted as an update for our growing community. It describes everything we have done over the last four months to get ready for our full launch and shows you how we are fully transparent with all of our activities and plans to be successful. You may download the PDF of the Business Plan Presentation here.


The SEC requires that we ask all of our investors if they may qualify as an Accredited Investor. You can see the SEC's definition of an Accredited Investor on this SEC Page. We may accept friends and family who may not consider themselves an Accredited Investor, so don't think that knocks you out of the opportunity to support Validide and benefit from being an early investor. Below is the information we need to register you for our direct investment in Validide in exchange for future equity.

After you hit Submit, you will receive a gracious thank you note from us.

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